Katja Potokar

Katja Potokar

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Username * Onjgina
Country * Slovenia


Website www.facebook.com/KatjaPotokarIllustration/
Twitter @CurvedKate


  • Academy of multimedia 3D animation


Hello there, my name is Katja, and i am a freelance illustrator from Slovenia. I am a graduate of multimedia where i studies 3D modeling and animation. My passion for 3d world started from yes, watching and playing videogames! I remember roaming around and just making screenshots of my favorite game. But my creative path as an illustrator and concept artist began when i stumbled upon Feng Zhu and his videos about concept art. He actually gave me the push i needed to start drawing again. I fell in love with his style and the use of colors in digital world. As i slowly dig deep into a 3D world i also see other opportunities where can i use my art.